IslandWyse is an online media resource that bond healthy stories together for strong communities.   Stories of food, places and culture connect us with the past to make for a prosperous future.

IslandWyse is a conscious way of life that aims to reconnect ancestral values of interconnectedness for thriving communities today.  Life in balance, sustainability, nourishing food-these important segments of everyday life are forever invaluable.

Spreading the knowledge and resources to make healthy food and lifestyle choices is our happy work.

Aloha, I’m Brynn—the creative behind IslandWyse and also a mother.  IslandWyse was developed as the educational arm to my gluten-free food company, Voyaging Foods.View Page

I founded Voyaging Foods to make nutritious gluten-free dry mixes and flours, such as Ancestral Taro Powder, from Native Hawaiian Canoe Plants.

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After six years of research and development at farmers markets and in the stores teaching product promotions, seminars and trainings, I met moms and customers who inspired me to be a resource for the confusing job of figuring out what to feed a family?

The consistent challenges I heard were: “What do I feed my picky eater”, “I can’t afford organic or gluten-free food” and “there are too many choices-I just give up”.

Overall, we have become disconnected to where our food comes from.


The mission of IslandWyse is to be a resource to moms, dads and caregivers (and anyone who cares) by providing a road map to make healthier lifestyle choices with practical tools, simple tips, and fun learning ideas to sustain improvements.


We collaborate with community partners, lifestyle bloggers and social enterprises that prioritize people over profits that help spread a beautiful message whether through food, fashion and hopefully a heavy dose of fun.


Take one of our Organic Couponing Workshops or a Business Lab Session.  If you are like me, learning how to be more mindfully self-sufficient without compromise is always a good thing! Get updates on when the next class is opening in our News & Events page and on Facebook here.

Click here to know more about our beginnings.

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